Let the waters settle, and you will see the moon and stars mirrored in your own being. -Rumi

The other day, I went for a swim in the rain. As a native New Englander, I grew up loving the ocean in all seasons, all weather. Once, I sled down a snow-covered dune. A storm can be the best time to sit oceanside, to think--to really think. Years ago, during a downpour that lasted three days, I ventured into the sea, magnetized by the rough water. In my mind, there was no other option. The dip was sublime. 

Recently, I did have a choice: I could have stayed home and dry. But I couldn't resist going to the beach. So I went, alone. I went with my towel and not much else. There wasn't much to do other than admire, relax, and, yes, swim. The water washed me clear. 

Maybe there's wisdom in embracing the weather, for whatever it offers. On this day, I gave up wishing for sunshine because I had exactly what I needed: freedom, in all seasons, in all weather. Naturally, that's when the sun peeked out of the clouds. The happiness ran bone-deep. 

Viva contrast, between sun and rain, joy and grief, giving and receiving. It's the essence of, well, everything. 

AuthorSuzanne Guillette